merlinfanatic77 asked:

Thanks for the follow. Your blog is so rad. :)

Mishaminion Answer:

You’re welcome, i really like following people, i like to see my dash FULL and i love to skip hours seeing all stuff that all of you post *-*

"Love really hurts […]"
- Sekai-ichi hatsukoi

Anonymous asked:

Sleep assault is creepy not cute

Mishaminion Answer:

When you saw Dean/Cas/Sammy face you don’t think it was funny? HAHA

shaunamyrise asked:

Hi, i need to know please, the quote you posted where misha said jensen is the prettiest guy he ever met, is that a real quote? Thanks

Mishaminion Answer:

Yes! He said it after a panel on jibcon *0*

superwholockphilia asked:

Thanks for following :3

Mishaminion Answer:

You’re welcome sweety c:


So… the 200th ep will be called “Fan Fiction” and it will be a musical-ish episode.

Do you know what I’m thinking?



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